martes, agosto 12, 2008

Newlester Mikrotik

Hoy se publico la version 3.12 de Mikrotik RouterOS , les paso el changelog

What's new in 3.12:

*) fixed problem - static queues on PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP interfaces became invalid
on client reconnect;
*) changed behaviour of simple queues - queues with no limit and type default-small
and no children actually do not get installed, as if there was no queue;
*) console - allow "{}" array syntax only for some command arguments, as it
does not make sense in most cases and interferes with the existing
scripts. Now "/system script add source={....}" works as it did
before 3.11;
*) graphing - fixed crash when dynamic interfaces/queues disappear;
*) fixed IPv6 address auto-configuration on routerboards;
*) added support for OSPFv3;
*) improved PCQ queueing algorithm;
*) dhcp server - pass Agent-Remote-Id and Agent-Circuit-Id to Radius server;
*) user manager - option to use test gateway for Authorize.Net payments;
*) fixed bug - web server could lock up at startup
(no access to hotspot login page after that);
*) routing-test - added support for 4-octet BGP AS numbers;
*) routing-test - added default-originate feature for BGP peers;
*) routing-test - added IPv6 BGP networks and aggregates;

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